Christians celebrate Easter in a big way this year.

More than 5 million people gathered in cities around the world this year to mark the beginning of the celebration.

Many have traveled to the United States to experience the special events, and some are even heading to churches to pay their respects to those who have passed.

Many Christians believe that this is the time to spend with loved ones.

Many churches across the country have taken a hard line on social media and have banned people from attending certain events.

In some cases, churches have been even banned from hosting funerals.

So, when the holy day arrives, many Christians want to be there to celebrate it, but many others are opting to be with loved one in the afterlife.

The story of Easter and the Christian tradition has been well-documented over the years, but this year, it seems that the religious community is stepping up to the plate and taking a stand on this day.

A Christian group in Utah has organized a special Easter event, dubbed “Easter for All,” in which they are hosting a church service, Easter Eggs and Easter candy for all of their members.

In addition, they are organizing an “Elderly Day of Prayer” at their church.

In a statement released Tuesday, the group said they are asking that everyone attend, including people with disabilities, people with mental health issues, people who are LGBTQIA+ and those who want to celebrate Easter as a religious event.

They also are asking for prayers to be sent to the LDS Church to ensure that it honors the Christian holiday.

Easter is a special day for people around the globe, and there are many reasons why.

According to the Pew Research Center, Easter is celebrated in the United Kingdom and Canada.

The holiday is also observed on March 15, which is the date of the birth of Jesus Christ.

According the Church of Jesus Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Easter was first commemorated in the Middle East in the 6th century.

The Church of Latter Day Saints also offers a program called “Egg and Easter” that allows people to make an Easter egg or candy donation and receive a special message.

There are many Easter egg and candy makers in the world, and many are open to the idea of sponsoring a church Easter egg program, said Matthew C. Fagundes, director of the Family Service Program at the church.

He said there are also people around this country who have special needs that can receive special Easter egg donations.

But, they must contact their church first, he added.