Why do you need religious calendar calendars?

I’m curious, and I’ve wondered this question many times.

Why do we have religious calendars for festivals, and why does religion get the same treatment?

Because it’s the right thing to do, I’m sure.

What makes religious calendars the right way to go?

They have no religious elements.

They’re simply calendars that have been given to us to use to celebrate the good news that is the coming of Jesus Christ.

How can you know that they’re just a calendar?

Religious calendars have a lot of religious elements, too.

For example, they feature pictures of God, Jesus, the cross, and the Holy Spirit.

I wonder why?

Why do religious calendars not have pictures of the cross?

There’s no cross in Christianity.

If you want to show the cross you have to use a different type of calendar.

The same goes for the cross on religious calendars.

Religion is so much more than a calendar.

I think people just want to celebrate a big day of faith.

That’s why religious calendars have so many religious elements and no pictures of Jesus.

You have to see the cross before you can see the other elements of Christianity.

If you’ve got a calendar and you can’t show the actual cross, you’ve missed the point.

It’s a calendar that’s been given for that reason.

Do you want pictures of people in the cross or the Holy Ghost?

That seems to be the predominant thing.

Are there pictures of other people in other parts of the crucifixion?

Yes, there are.

Can you see them?

Yes, you can.

The cross is everywhere.

We can see it in the Holy Land.

It’s also on calendars all over the world.

And we see it on calendars in the world, too, in places where Christianity has never existed before.

So the cross is the central focus of the calendar, then?

It is.

It was given for this reason.

What’s the central reason for that?

It’s because Jesus is the Son of God and this is the day of his return.

He’s coming, and you’re going to see him.

You see the holy ghost?

No, I don’t.

So if the cross doesn’t show up on a religious calendar, what’s the other thing that makes it the most important thing?

That’s a really good question.

No one has an answer.

But I can tell you, I do have one other thought.

What would you say to people who say that we don’t have a calendar to celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is one of those things where people get so wrapped up in their own personal agenda that they miss the whole point of the celebration.

You know what?

Christmas is a very big holiday for the world in the way it is celebrated.

It is a holiday that we celebrate around the world with the hope of finding peace.

This year’s theme is peace.