The Irish government is reviewing the way religious rites are conducted in the country, following reports of abuse and ritual killings by priests.

The review is being led by the Culture, Media and Sport Committee (CMSC), which is to advise the government on how to address the problem.

The review was first announced in February when Minister for Culture James Reilly announced a review of all rites held by the Church of Ireland.

The CMSC report will examine whether there are adequate procedures in place to protect the rights of all religious groups to organise religious rites and other ceremonies in the Republic.

The committee will also examine the circumstances in which religious groups can apply for state funding to carry out religious rituals and ceremonies.

Irish news agency IRIN reports that the review is also looking at whether any new legislation could be introduced to address religious rituals in the republic.

It is not the first time the CMSC has raised concerns about the way priests conduct their rituals.

In 2016, it also recommended that the Church have a national law to protect religious rights and freedoms, which the Government has not yet taken up.