Spanish lawmaker Luis María López Obrador has said that “there is absolutely no other religious belief” in Spain and “there are no other religions that exist in Spain”.

Speaking at a public event, Mr Lóvez Obradores claimed that he is “no longer a Catholic” because he “can’t accept the existence of a god” and said that he considers “the Catholic Church the one and only true religion”.

He also said that there was “no room for other religions” and that “people of other religions don’t belong here”.

The outspoken politician has previously called for the removal of the Spanish flag from the government building in Madrid, saying that it is “the symbol of the fascist regime”.

The Catalan separatist leader has also claimed that Spain’s “religion” should be “disappeared” and “destroyed”.

Mr Lózas Obrada was elected to the European Parliament in 2013, winning the seat of Aragon.

His current position comes amid rising tensions between the Spanish government and Catalonia’s independence movement.

Catalonia’s independence has sparked a major political crisis in Spain, where authorities have taken several steps to break up the region’s separatist movement.

Mr Lúpez Oberadores is also facing allegations of racism and anti-Semitism, after the former politician’s son and former chief of staff were arrested in Spain in 2015 on charges of allegedly supporting “anti-Semitism”.