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*Ambedkarism RC. Prasad (FjC) [1070-9] Arya Samaj Movement in South Africa T. Naidoo 200 [0769-3]
*At the Eleventh Hour (The Biography of Swami Rama Rajmani Tigunait 475
*Autobiography of a Yogi Paramahama Yogananda 125 [1894-1] (C); 70 [3203-9] (P)
*Bahina Bai justin E. Abbott 124(C), 74(P) [1334-2](C), [1335-9](P)
*Bhagvan Sri Sathya Sai Baba: My Divine Teacher Gurth OrejjaerdI50(C), 95(P) [l269-7](C), [1270-3](P) BhaiVIrSingh (Poems of the Sikhs) G.S. Talib 150
*TheBijak of Kabir Trs. LindaHess& Shuklkv Singh 225(C), 175(P) [0186-8](C), [0216-2] (P)
*The Book of Life: Everyone's Common­sense Guide to the Purposeful Living and Spiritual Growth into the 21st Cen turyand Beyond RuyEugeneDavis85 [1287-1]
*The Bowl of Saki HazratlnayatKhan190 (C) , 120(P) [1229-1 ](C), [1230-7]
*The Brahma Kumaries as a Reflexive Tradition: Responding to Late Modemity john Wallis.s 295 [2955-8]
*The Buddhist Visnu: Religious Transformation, Politics, and Culture john Clifford Holt 595 [3269-5]
*Can You Listen to a Women: A Man's Journe;' to the Heart DavidForseli 225
*Celestial Song / Gobind Geet (The Dramatic Dialogue Between Guru Gobind Singh and BandaSingh Bahadur So..c1:i Ra'Rll 275 (C); 250 (P)
*A Challenge to Islam for Reformation: The Rediscovery and Reliable Reconstruction comprehensive Pre-Islamic Christian 1495 ~ 1952-8]
* Collision with the Infinite: A Life Beyond the Personal Self Suzanm SegalU IP
*Comparative Ethics in Hindu and Buddhist Traditions RoderickHindrey 350 [0865-9]
*Comparative Religion KN. Tiwari395(C), I95(P) [0293-3] (C), [0294-0] (P)
*A Comparative Study of Religions Y. Masih 495(C) , 295(P) [0743-3](C),
[0815-7] (P)
*Couplets from Kabir (Kabir Duhe) G.N.Das I95(C),95(P) [0935-2] (c), [l525-4](P)
*The Dance of the Soul: Gayan, Vadan, Nirtan: (Sufi Sayings) Hazrat Inayat Khan 295(C), I95(P) [l101-0](C), [1l02-7](P)
*Dancing with the Void: The Innerstanding ofa Rare Born Mystic Sunyata Eds. Betty Camhi & lilirubaksh Rai 295 *Dattatreya: The Way and the Goal jaya Chamamjendra Wadiyer Bahadur, Introd. S. Radhakrishanan (F/C) [0925-0] *Deity and Spirit Possession in South Asia
Frederick M. Smith 895 [3372-2]
The Devotional Poems of Mira bai Aj Alston 295(C), I75(P) [044I-8](C), [0442­5 ](P)
*Devotional Songs of Narsi Mehta Swami Mahadevananda 175 [0509-5]
*Dimensions of Classical Sufi Thought RS.
Bhatnagar(F/C) [1054-9]
*The Divine Consort: Radha and the Goddesses ofIndia IS. Hawl£y&Donna Marie Wulff
595 [0940-6]
Diwan of Inayat Khan Jessie Dunwn Westbrook (F/c) [1429-5](C), I430-1](P)
*Eastern Spirituality for Modern Life: Exploring Buddhism.Hinduism, Taoism & Tantra David Pond 225
*The Eighty Four Hymns of Hita Harivamasa (An Edition of the Caurasi Pacia) Rupert SmU 775 [0629-0]
*Encountering Bliss: My Journey through India with Anandamayi Ma Melita Maschmann Rendered into Eng. by Shridhar B. Shrotri 295(C), 195(P) [154I-4](C), [1571-I](P)
*The Essential Sri Anandamayi Ma: Ijfe and Teachings of a 20th Century Indian Saint. Biography by Alexander Lipski, Word of Sri Anandamayi Ma, Tr. Atmananda, Ed. joseph A.Fitzgerald 995 (c), 695 (P), [3474-3) (c), [3478-1) (P)
*The Face of God Yogi Mahajan250 [1590-2] Face to Face with Sri Ramana Maharshi:
Enchan tingand Uplifting Reminiscences of 160 Persons Comp: & Ed. Laxmi Narain, Foreword by T.N. Chaturvedi200
*Facets of Spirituality: Dialogues and Discourses of Swami Krishnananda S. Bhagyalakshmi 115(C), 80(P) [0087-8] (C), [0093-9) (P)
*Foundations of Living Faiths: An Introduction to Comparative Religion Haridass Bhattacharyya 425 [1 J 47-8] *Garland of Divine Flowers: Selected Devotional Lyrics ofSaintJnancswara P. V. Bobde 75 [0400-5]
*The Glory of Puttaparthi V. Balu 190 (C) , IIO(P) [0838-6] (C), [0839-3] (P)
*Gorakhnath and the Kanphata Yogis George W Briggs495(C), 295(P) [0563-7] (C), [0564-4] (P)
* Great Swan (Meetings with Ranlakrishna) Lex Hixon 250 [1297-0]
*The Hare Krishnas in India Charles R Brooks 395 [0939-0]
*Harmony of Religions Thfmws1Hanninezlzath 175 [1001-3]
*Heart, Self and Soul: The Sufi Psychology of Growth Balance and Harmony Robert Frager 295
*The Hidden Master (Form' I' to Imess on Vimalaji's Teaching) Christim Townend 350(C) 250(P); [1886-6] (C), [1889­7] (P)
*Hindi Biography of Dadu Dayal WinandM. Callewaert 300 [0490-6]
*Hindu-Christian Dialogue: Perspectives and Encounters Ed. Harold Coward 200 [1158-4]
*Hindu Goddesses: Vision of the Divine Feminine in the Hindu Religious Tradition David Kinslty 395 (C) , 195(P) [0379-4](C), [0394-7](P)
*His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: A Living Saint For the New Millennium Helena Olson & Rola1U1 0130n 250
*The Holy Quran (Arabic Text, Eng. Tr. & Comm.) Maulana Muhammad Ali (F IC)"[131~]
*The Holy Science YukteswarGiri4D [319(}'2] A Hundred Devotional Songs of Tagore Mohit Chakrabarti 250 (C), 150 (P) . [1505-6] (C), [1687-9] (P)
*In the Presence of the Masters Romola Butalia(F IC) [1946-7] (C), [1947-4] (P)
*Islam: An Historical Introduction Gerhard Endress 295
*Islam: The Straight Path (Islam Interpreted by Muslims) Ed. Kenneth w: Morgan 325
*Japji: Meditation in Sikhism Swami Rtima 150
*Jiva Gosvamin's TattYa Sandarbha: A Study on the Philosophical and Sectarian Development of the Gaudia Vaisnava Movement Stuart Mark Elkman (FIe) [0187-5]
*Kabir: Selected Couplets from the Sakhi in Transversion M. S. Karki 295(C), 195 (P) (1788-3] (C), [1799-9] (P)
*Kabir: The Apostle of Hindu Muslim Unity Muhammad HetkrjeivlJah 595 (C) [0611­5]; 395 (P) [3373-9]
*The Krsnagiti of Manaveda Ed. & Tr. G.R.
Swaminathan & Sudha Gapalakrishnan 650 [1478-3]
*The Laughing Swamis (Australian Sannyasin Disciples of Swami Satyananda Saraswati and .,Osho . Rajneesh) Harry Aveling 195 [1118-8]
*Life and Teaching of Sri Anandamayi Ma Alexander Lipski 195(C), 95(P) [053(}.9] (C). [0531-6](P)
*life and Thought of Sankarachar}-a Gavind CJuz.ndra Pande 495 [1104-1]
*Life of Eknath justin E .• 1bbott 270(C). 190(P) [136(}'1](C). [1361-8](P)
*Life of Tukaram justinE. Abbott 195 [017(}. 7] Living~ith the *Himalayan Masters Swami Rama 295
*Love of God and Social Duty in Ramacarita­manasa EJ Babi'lUllll 110 [2399-0] Love *Poems of Ghananand KP. Bahadur 195 [0836-2]·
*Mahatma Gandhi and Comparative Religion KL. Seshagi1i Rao (FIe) [0755-6](C). [0767-9] (P)
*Major Religions of India (New Insight into Hinduism, jainism. Buddhism, Sikhism) Susunaga Weerapemma, Ed. SudhakarS. Dikshit 120(C), 70(P) [1425-7](C). [1445-5](P)
*A Master Guide to Meditation and Spiritual Growth Roy Eugene Davis 125 [1245-]]
*The Mathnawi: The Spintual Couplets of MaulanaJalalud-Din Muhammad I Rumi. Tr. & Abridged E.H. Whinfi~ld 395
*Media and the Transformation of Religion in South Asia Eds. Lawrence A. Babb & SusanS. WlU-lky295(C).195(P) [144S­6](C). [l453 .. 0](P)
*The Miracle Engineer: A Young Boy's day­to-day miraculous experiences wiftl God Sachin ThoMe 75
*Mohandass Gandhi: Essential Writings john Dear 200
*Mother of All (A Revelation of the Motherhood of God in the Life and Teachings of the Jillellamudi Mother) Richard Schiffman 395
*Mother Teresa: An East-West Mysticism (Her1nought Compared to Hinduism and Gandhi) Gloria Germani 225 *Mystics, Magicians and Medicine People:
Tales of a Wanderer Doug Boyd 240
*The Myths of Death, Rebirth and Resurrection: The Wisdom of the Serpent Joseph L Henderson & Maud Oakes 325
*Nama Japa: The Prayer of the Name Vandana Mawji 145 [1286-4]
*New Millennium Fulfills Ancient Prophecies Yogi Mahajan (FIe) [1639­8](C), [1644-2](P)
*The Ocean of Theosophy William QJudge 195
*Osho Rajneesh and His Disciples: Some Western Perceptions Ed. Harry Awing 525(C) , 325(P) [1598-8] (C), [1599-5] (P) An Outline of *Religious Literature of India fN. Farquhar 250 [2086-9] PahlaviTexts (SBEVols. 5,18,24,37,47) E. w: West 1750
*The Path of Light (A Guide to 21stCentury Discipleship and Spiritual Practice in the Kriya Yoga Tradition) Roy Eugtme Davis 125 [1657-2]
. *The Path of the Mother Savitri L. Bess 325
*Philosophy and the Theistic Mysticism of the Alvars S.M.S. Chari 395 [1342-7]
*The Philosophy of Jnanadeva (As Gleaned from the Arnrtanubhava) B.P. Bahirat 295(C), 195(P) [1574-2] (C)
*The Poems of Tukaram Comp.JFraser& KN. Marathe 250 [0851-5]
*Poems to Siva: The Hymns of the Tamil Saints Indira Vtshu.ranathanPeterson 495 [0784-6]
*Preface toAmbedkatim1 R C. Prasad(F IC) [ 1088-4]
*The Problem of Evil and Indian Thought Arthur L Herman 350 [0753-2]
*Quest for Truth (original Letters ofVimala Thakar) Nithiya Kalyani 150 [3329-6]
*The Quest of Ajneya: A Christian Theological Appraisal of the Search for Meaning in His Three Hindi Novels Roger Hardham HOQker, Foreword by Harish Trivedi 350 [1570-4]
*Quran (SBEVol. 6, 9) Tr. E.H. Palmer, Ed. F. Maxmulkr 700
*The Quranic Sufism Mir Valiuddin 395 [0320-6]
*Rabindranath Tagore: Songs of Prayer Mohit G1wkrabarti 175
*The Rajneesh Papers: Studies in a New Religious Movement Susanf Palmer& Amind Sharma 175 [1080-8]
*Ramana, Sankara and the Forty Verses (The Essential Teachings of Advaita) Raf1wTlfllvfaharshi & Sankara, Introd. Alan Jacobs 195 [1988-7]
*The Reincarnation Controversy: Un­covering the Truth in the World Religions Stroen Rosen 150
*Religion and Rational Outlook S.N. Dasgupw 110 [2294-8]
*The Religion of Tibet Chams Bell 295 (C), 195(P) [1069-3](C), [1050-1](P)
*Religious Institutions and Cults in the Deccan RN. Nandi 125 [3086-8]
*Religious Philosophy of Tagore and Radhakrishnan: A Comparative and Analytical Study HarendraPrasad Sinha (F IC) [1062-4]
*Revolution of the Mystics: On the Social Aspects ofVirasaivism fP. Schouten 250 [1238-3]
*Rise of the Religious Significance ofRama Frank Whaling [3104-9]
*Road Signs on the Spiritual Path Philip Goldberg 295
*Sabarimalai Pilgrimage and Ayyappan Cultus Radhika Sekar 150 [1056-3]
*Sacred Books of China (SBEVol ••. 3,16, 27, 28,39,40) Tr.James Legge 2100
*Sahaj Prakash (The Brightness of Simplicity) Sahajo Bai, Trs. Harry Aveling& Sudha Joshi 295 [1775-3]
*Sakta Pithas D. C. Sircar 195 [0879-9]
*The Sants: Studies in a Devotional Tradition ofIndia KarineSchamer& WH. Mcleod 395 [0277-3]
*Sayings of Paramahansa Y ogananda 25 [3189-6]
*The Science of God-Realization: Knowing our True nature and our Relationship with the Infinite Roy Eugtme Davis 200
*The Science of Religion Paramaharna Yogananda 25 [3188-9]
*Servant of God: Sayings of a SelfRealised Sage Swami Ramdas Susunaga Weeraperuma300 (C), 150 (P) [1328-1] (C), [1533-9] (P)
*Silence Speaks (From the Chalkboard of Baba Hari Dass) Baba Han Dass 225
*Spiritual Treasures of Saint Ramadasa VH. Date 150 [1262-8]
*Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Kireetjoshi 150 [0655-9]
*SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB(2 Pts.) (With Complete Index) Prepared by WinandM. callewaert3000 (Set) [1379­3]
*Sri Guru Granth Sahib Discovered (A Reference Book of Quotations from the Adi Granth) Selected by Hakim Singh Rahi 695 [1613-8]
*Sri SathyaSai Baba and the GoIdenAge: The Fourth Dimension thanvill change the World Amala ChaudhU1Y 295
*Stories of Indian Saints (Tr. ofMahipati's Marathi Bhaktavijaya) (2 Pts. in one) justin E. Abbott & Narhar R Godbole, Inti-od. G. V. Tagare 795 [0469-2]
*Story Tellers, Saints and Scoundrels Kinn Narayan 295(C), 195(P) [0890-4](C), [1002-0] (P)
*Structure and Patterns of Religions Gustav Mensching, Tr. from Gennan into Eng. by HansF. Klimkeit& V. SnnivasaSarma 395 [2777-6]
*Sufi Literature and the Journey to Immortality A.E.I.Fakoner174 [0656-6]
A Sufi Master Answers: On the Sufi Message ofHazrat Inayat Khan Eliz.abeth Kessing 450(C) , 250(P) [1433-2](C), [1434­9] (P)
Set 5000(C)~ 2500(P) (Set}[0494-4](C); [0495-1] (P)


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