Trump religious advisor Katie Walsh is set to lead the transition team that will help guide the Trump administration’s policies toward religion, including promoting religious freedom and protecting religious freedom.

The transition team is tasked with crafting the president’s religious agenda, according to Politico.

“Katie Walsh will be an invaluable advisor on religious freedom issues, and she will also be part of a diverse team of religious advisors who will work with the president on his executive orders and on other policy priorities,” Trump transition spokesperson Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

Walsh will be the first woman appointed to the transition staff, joining current White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as women serving on the transition.

She has served as an adviser to the president, as well as the transition, for the past three years.

Walsworth previously served as the president of the American Family Association, the largest evangelical Christian advocacy group in the U.S., where she helped spearhead the group’s efforts to lobby for and pass religious freedom legislation, including legislation that was eventually signed into law by Trump.

In recent years, Walsh has also worked with the Religious Right’s American Family Radio network, where she has hosted several radio shows that focus on religious issues.