Religious Right activists are calling for prayers to be banned from state-funded schools in an effort to force students to pray during school hours, as well as the school’s prayer rooms.

The leaders of the American Family Association, a conservative Christian group that represents many of the country’s most influential religious leaders, released the letter on Tuesday, calling on the state legislature to prohibit the use of the state’s state budget to fund prayer rooms and prayer rooms in schools.

The letter states that the American Humanist Association and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, two conservative Christian organizations, “agree with you that prayer should be limited to religious services, not during school days.”

The groups claim that the state budget is unconstitutional and “violates the Establishment Clause.”

The American Family has called for prayer in schools for decades, but the state has never adopted a resolution to do so.

“School prayer is a form of secular indoctrination, a way to indoctrinate young people into religious ideas,” said the letter.

The American Freedom Law Center, an organization representing religious freedom and free speech, said it would “not hesitate to file lawsuits against the state of Mississippi for infringing on its First Amendment rights to free speech and religious freedom.”