NEW YORK (Reuters) – New religious icons in the United States celebrate Christmas, thanksgiving and Easter, a move that reflects a growing religious and secular divide that has become more stark in the last decade.

The New York State Assembly on Monday voted unanimously to create the first New York City-style Christmas Tree at the Statehouse, while the State Senate voted to create a new statue of the Virgin Mary at the state Capitol.

In the West, an 1868 statue of a white man in his 30s in front of the White House was vandalized in the town of Rockingham, New Hampshire, which has seen a steep rise in violent crimes and shootings in recent years.

In California, a statue of Mary at City Hall in San Francisco is up for removal, and a bronze statue of Jesus Christ at the Los Angeles City Hall is being removed.

In Massachusetts, two statues of Native Americans, one of which was built in the 1700s, were removed from a public park in the city of Boston, where a man shot a woman to death last year.

There are also several other statues that commemorate the holiday in other parts of the country.

The U.K. has also recently been celebrating Christmas.