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Muslim religious studies program opens in Washington state

A religious studies and social work program in Washington State will open next year, and the university will hire more than 100 students in the fall, to help it attract more students.The Washington State University Religious Studies and Social Work Program, which began its 2017-18 academic year, will offer classes in Islamic studies, history, psychology, […]

How to say a religious holiday in a new way

When I first heard of the new religious movements I was excited.I thought it was great that the new religion movement would be more inclusive, but I was worried that they would be too much of a step too far.I was hoping that the people who had started the movement would eventually move on and […]

How to read religious tolerance definitions

Religious tolerance is defined as the acceptance of people of any religion, no matter their beliefs, in return for protection from discrimination, violence or other harm.It is an important principle to uphold.Religious tolerance also applies to people of all religions, but some people find it difficult to define it.So how can you tell if a […]

Pope Francis: ‘I am not a believer’

Pope Francis is known for being outspoken and a strong advocate for social justice.So, it’s no surprise that the pope was quick to criticize anti-LGBT bigotry during a recent visit to Argentina.Speaking in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, on Thursday, the pope said he was “not a believer” in the so-called “religious extremism” that was being […]

Christmas in China is all about religious art and flowers: The Telegraph

In Beijing, Chinese people spend their holidays with a wide variety of cultural symbols, including religious statues, religious gardens, and traditional Chinese songs and poems.But this year, Christmas has become a huge commercial opportunity.The country’s Communist Party has invested heavily in Christmas decorations and decorations for religious holidays.The National Tourism Administration has said that a […]


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