The Hindu family that has been together for 40 years is divided into three sections.

There are the Hindus, who believe in a single God, the Christians and the Muslims.

It’s a stark contrast to how the community is represented in India.

When I was born in Delhi, my mother was Hindu and my father was Muslim.

But we’ve never lived in an exclusive Hindu community, we’ve always lived in our community and my mother has a Muslim name.

But it has never stopped me from being proud of my heritage.

When I was nine years old, I had a vision of a beautiful white marble statue in my neighbourhood, where a beautiful woman stood on a white marble platform, wearing a crown of thorns.

I remember the moment of realization and how it felt to be a part of a group of people.

When my grandmother told me this, I was overwhelmed with emotions and my mind started spinning.

My grandmother was a Muslim.

I was proud of that and of being part of the group of Hindus.

My life was changed forever.

My father, a Christian, is a Hindu.

He was born as a Muslim but grew up in a Muslim family.

In his early childhood, he had a dream of becoming a doctor and I believe that changed him.

When he started his career, I thought he would follow his mother’s footsteps and become a doctor.

But I never thought that would be possible for me, that he would end up becoming a Christian.

I never imagined it.

After my father died, my family became divided into two groups.

One was the Hindus who believe that God created everything and all humans were created from dust, that it was just a matter of time.

I grew up with that belief.

The other group is the Muslims who believe God created the universe, created life on earth and created man.

My family lived in a part where Muslims and Hindus lived together, but I never knew anything about this.

I only knew of a Hindu tradition in Delhi.

I always knew there were Hindus in my community, but it was very difficult to find a Muslim member of my family.

It took a long time to find one.

I tried to get my family to join my community.

My mother said that if she could not join my family, then my father would have to join them.

My father was a Hindu and he didn’t want to leave my mother behind.

He didn’t know any Muslim members in my family so he agreed to join me.

My parents have been friends for more than 20 years and have had many children together.

They love each other and they’ve had many grandchildren.

My grandparents were Hindu and I grew to love them.

My family is the only one that believes in the Hindu God.

I love my mother and my grandmother for their faith.

My uncle and aunt are Muslims.

We believe in God.

The Muslim tradition in India is very different from that of the Hindu.

Muslims believe in one God and worship a particular deity, and Hindus worship the deity of all of humanity.

We do not follow a particular faith tradition in the Muslim community, and we don’t practice any of the beliefs in the Christian tradition.

My relatives in my village in Delhi are mostly Muslims and I like them for their way of living and their love for their religion.

I have always liked my mother.

I am a Muslim, but my family is a Christian family.

I also like my uncle, who is a non-practicing Muslim.

It was a big shock when I was told that my father’s name was Muhammad.

I asked my family why I didn’t think that my uncle was Muslim, because they don’t believe in the God of Islam.

My aunt said that my mother’s name is Allah and my husband’s name should be Mohammed.

My brother said that I should believe in Allah because that’s the religion that my grandparents followed.

I believe in all of them, and they have always been my best friends.

I think that the Hindu community is very much like the Muslim one.

If I had to choose between them, I would choose my mother over my grandfather.

It is very hard to believe in your religion, so why should you care about your religion?

I would say that the Muslim tradition is very similar to the Hindu one.

In the Muslim world, Muslims believe that their religion is the religion of God, and Muslims follow the Koran.

The Hindu tradition is like a different kind of faith.

Muslims say that they follow the Bible, but the Hindu tradition says that the God is their Lord and God is the creator of the universe.

I would rather be a Hindu than a Muslim because I don’t want my religion to be defined by one religion.

My own family members are Muslim and they don.

I feel that I have to protect the Hindu and Christian traditions in my own community, because my family and my grandparents are Muslims, too.