Here are some ways to get your religious song out of a bad gif.1.

Make sure your gif is properly formatted.

Don’t use gif.js or other JavaScript libraries to format your gif.

In fact, avoid the use of any of the fancy gif functions that you might use for the sake of simplicity.

Don.t use the GIF encoding algorithm in any of these: imgur,, gifjs, and

You can find out more about that here.2.

Be smart about the size of the gif.

If you’re using a GIF to host an Easter-themed song, make sure it’s at least one line wide and one or two lines high.

For example, a gif with a 4-line width might look like this:This way, it’s easier to see your gif when you watch it, and your gif’s font size is less noticeable.3.

If your gif doesn’t start at the beginning of the song, then it’s probably not a good idea to send it.

In that case, make your gif shorter so it’s easy to read.

For instance, if your gif has 3 lines, the first line should start at 1.4 lines.

If it has 1.6 lines, then the first 3 lines should start 1.5 lines, and so on.

Make your gif at least 2 lines wide and at least 1 line high so it can be read by your viewers.4.

You’re better off sending a gif to your Facebook friends.

This is especially true if your friends have a lot of followers on your Facebook page.

For these, the best method of sending a religious gif is to share it on Facebook and have them read it to their friends.

Once they’re done, share the post with them via a link on their Facebook page (or tweet it to them).

In this way, you’ll ensure that your gif reaches the people you want to reach.5.

If a friend is in the middle of reading a religious meme or gif, it can get tricky.

Try to be as civil as possible and try to explain your gif in a way that will make them feel comfortable.

For some gifs, people will be able to read your gif quickly enough that they can make up their own mind.

For others, it may take some time for people to fully understand.6.

It’s better to save your religious gifs on a different computer than your regular gifs.

If one computer has the religious gif and one doesn’t, they may have to delete their old one to be able upload new versions.

Here’s how to delete your gifs that have a religious title:1.

Open a new tab in the Facebook app.2: Click the trash can icon in the upper-right corner of the app, and click the gear icon to the right.3: Click on “All.”4: Click “Delete.”5: Click Delete.6: Click Yes.

If you don’t see this message, then your computer has deleted the old version.

The only way to get the old versions back is to go to your settings.

Click on the settings icon on the top left of the screen and then click “Restore” from the menu at the top of the page.7.

In your Facebook account, you can find your old religious gif.

Click it and then you’ll see a new message that tells you to delete the religious one.

Click the delete button.8.

Now you can save the new version on another computer.

To save the old one, open the folder where you saved your gif and select it.9.

When you do this, you won’t see the message from Facebook anymore.