If you’ve been accused of religious abuse or hate speech, you should be familiar with the scpula, a tattoo on the upper left side of your arm that denotes your religious affiliation.

Scpulas have existed in popular culture for centuries, and their symbols are common across cultures.

The scpulus, according to the National Secular Society, are:A cross, a cross of gold, a sun, a star, and a star of David.

Scpulos can be found on most NFL players’ jerseys, which have the symbols emblazoned on the front of the jersey.

However, a few teams have chosen to go the more creative route with their players’ logos.

This year, the Philadelphia Eagles have been wearing an NFL player’s scpulae on their helmets.

According to the team, it’s part of their “spiritual identity.”

The Eagles are also wearing the symbols on their uniforms, which are designed to remind players that they’re “the Eagles,” according to NBC Philadelphia.

They’re also using them to encourage players to wear their team colors.

The symbol is symbolic of the NFL’s “spirituality” and “university of America,” which has been targeted in the past with hate crimes.

In 2016, there were over 1,100 hate crimes reported across the country, according the Anti-Defamation League.

The hate crimes targeted black communities.

The league’s response was to create the #BringBackOurReds, which the NFL has used to promote its efforts to promote unity in our country.

The scpuls have also been seen on the back of some NFL players.

According the NFL, players are given the sciros as a form of respect.