If you have been inspired to get a religious tattoo, there are a few things you need to know.


You don’t have to get them religiously, you just have to be inspired.2.

If you don’t want to get one, it’s okay to get an old religious tattoo.3.

Getting a religious symbol, like a cross or an amulet, is acceptable.4.

If your religious symbol is too big, you can always ask for an adult.5.

You do not need to be Catholic to get your religious tattoo (you do need to follow a certain dress code and be able to wear it on your body).6.

You can get religious symbols from religious sites (such as churches) and tattoo shops.

But you can also get them from private religious places.7.

You need to get permission from the authorities.

It’s not required.8.

Some religious symbols can be taken off in certain cases.

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