Here are some tips on how to make your own “religious icon”.

First, make sure to use your own icons.

If you don’t, your icons will be the same as the ones used by the church.

If your icon is a Christian church icon, make the icon that it looks like (with a black cross, the cross on the top, and a blue cross on either side).

If you use a secular icon, like a cross with a white circle, then make it in a way that shows you’re secular.

Second, think about what kind of religious icon you’re making.

For instance, if you’re creating a pagan symbol, consider the type of religion that it is and the meaning of the icon.

A secular symbol might be about worship, such as a Christian cross or a Jewish one.

An ancient pagan symbol might represent the worship of an ancient god.

Or, an ancient pagan deity might be represented by a cross.

Third, think of the characteristics of the object you’re using to make the religious icon.

For example, an artifact that resembles a cross might have a cross on it, while an object that resembles an image of a cross could be a piece of jewelry.

If the object looks like a real cross, then you might want to make it a Christian icon.

Fourth, think through the symbolism that goes into the religious symbol.

For a Christian symbol, make it as similar to the icon as possible.

For an ancient pagans cross, for instance, you might not want to create an image that’s different from the cross itself.

If possible, make a cross that’s just like the cross that was worshipped in antiquity.

Finally, consider how the religious group that the icon represents is different from others.

If it’s a Christian, you probably want to avoid using symbols from outside the group, such the cross of Rome.

If so, you may want to stick with something that looks more like the icon of the church of Rome (a Christian cross), such as the pagan Roman cross or the Greek cross.

For ancient pagants, you’d want to try to find something that resembles the icon in some way.

For many Christians, the image of the cross in the icon is what they think of as a symbol of the Christian faith.

However, the same thing is true of pagan crosses.

If a Christian crosses a pagan cross, you’re likely to find the cross very similar to an ancient Greek cross, a pagan Roman symbol, or an ancient Roman deity.

This is why a cross of these cross-worshiping groups may not have a similar appearance as a pagan one.

You can also create your religious icon using any of the many other popular artistic tools.

You could make a traditional cross, or make one that looks like the traditional cross that is used by many ancient pagats.

Another popular tool is to use a watercolor brush.

To do this, first brush your image in a white, dry brush.

Then draw your own image in the same brush.

Next, let the brush dry completely.

You’ll get a water-like image.

To add more details, you can use your favorite paint brush.

After drying the image, it will look like a painted watercolor.

To get an even more vivid image, you could use a colored pencil.

Finally you can put it all together by using a brush to blend the two colors together.