Some people have taken exception to a sermon from the imam of a mosque in northern India where they say he’s encouraging violence.

But many others believe it’s the answer to what the cleric, Maulana Muhammad Ali Shah, has called a “religious crisis.”

He said that Muslims are being killed for “not believing in God,” and he’s calling on his followers to fight back.

Shah said on Saturday that Christians are not Muslims because they “believe in the Lord.”

He said Muslims must be killed to “save” the Muslim faith.

The sermon was delivered in the village of Gokulhir in Rajasthan state on Saturday and it sparked a backlash from many religious groups, with many taking exception to his words.

According to the Hindustan Times, several religious leaders said that they “had never seen such statements before.”

Some of those leaders called for a boycott of the mosque, calling it a “terrorist” organization that is spreading hatred.

The minister of state for minority affairs, Jai Ram, said in a tweet that the minister has asked the police to investigate the matter.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the state government said the minister was “very angry” over the sermon.

“We have received many complaints of the preacher from the Muslim community.

He is inciting violence and causing communal tension,” the spokesperson said.

Maulana Muhammad Muhammad Ali’s speech has sparked a heated debate on social media and among religious leaders.

Some Muslim leaders are calling for a “national day of prayer” to commemorate the death of Maulana Ali Shah.

There have also been reports that some mosques have cancelled or temporarily closed their services for a day or two, fearing violence from Muslim youths.

Police have said that there are no plans to arrest the imach for his speech.