The new year has brought a fresh wave of anti-gay hate crime bills in the United States.

And a new campaign called the #MakeItAwful campaign is targeting the same targets: LGBTQ people, religious leaders and their families.

The #MakeItsAwful Campaign is targeting LGBTQ people and their loved ones in a new video that aims to highlight anti-LGBTQ discrimination.

The hashtag #MakeitAwful was created to highlight discrimination in the workplace, housing, education, public accommodations, and the workplace in general.

The campaign targets LGBTQ people in the LGBT community, including people who are transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, intersex, interracial, and gender fluid.

The campaign’s message is simple: You don’t deserve to live in a world where people don’t love you and want to live happily ever after.

“Make it Awful is a movement of our communities and the LGBTQ community that we’re building to challenge the ignorance and prejudice that has permeated the LGBT and other minority communities for decades,” the group said in a statement.

The group, which is made up of LGBT and allied organizations, is working with organizations like the National LGBTQ Task Force and Lambda Legal.

In addition to LGBTQ individuals, it includes religious leaders, pastors, rabbis, imams, and ministers.

“It’s not just our faith and our religion that needs to be challenged, but our culture, our nation and our society at large,” the statement reads.

The new campaign will be available online and in print on Dec. 6.

The goal is to make the anti-transphobia message known as the “Make It Awful” campaign more prominent, the group added.

“We hope this is just the beginning, and that we can see a lot more progress over the coming years,” said Jodie Foster, a spokesperson for the National LGBT Task Force.

“We hope that this will be an important step towards addressing anti-Transphobia, which we know is a pervasive and real issue in our society.”

According to Lambda Law, anti-Gay violence has increased by nearly 30 percent since 2015, and it says there is a need for more awareness in the country.

“In addition to educating our clients about the LGBTQ+ community, we are also working to educate our clients to identify bias and discrimination in employment, housing and other forms of discrimination,” the organization said in an official statement.

“Lambda Legal has joined the #GetABulls movement to help educate our members on anti-Buddhist bias in the LGBTQ and other communities.”

While the campaign is designed to challenge anti- LGBTQ bias, it’s not the only one targeting LGBTQ folks.

The group is calling for a nationwide boycott of all products made by corporations that are involved in the production of trans-specific products, like clothing, toys, and shoes.

The boycott would also apply to the LGBT-specific fashion brands, including Gap, Under Armour, Target, and more.

“Companies like Gap, Walmart, and Under Armour should end their complicity in the destruction of the lives and health of our LGBTQ+ communities,” the # Make It Awly campaign says in its call for boycott.

“Join us and demand that your brands take steps to stop manufacturing products that are made to harm LGBTQ+ people.”

The # MakeItAwly campaign was created in response to the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage in Kentucky.

The ruling came down on the same day that the Justice Department filed suit against two companies that make trans-exclusive clothing, and came as a result of an investigation by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In February, the Justice and Civil Rights Departments released a report that said that companies like Gap and Under Armor, and others, are responsible for the violence against LGBTQ people.

The report also accused Gap of failing to disclose that it manufactures trans-related products, but did not identify how they are made.

In the meantime, the campaign aims to bring attention to discrimination and anti-equality in all spheres of American life.

“When people are denied the right to live as they choose and as their families choose, when people are unable to marry the person that they love, or the person they love is discriminated against, when they are harassed, when the police are wrongfully accused, when our leaders do not listen, when religious leaders do no stand up for their beliefs, it causes pain and damage,” the campaign said in its statement.

“As LGBTQ+ Americans, it is our duty to fight for justice, to speak up against hate, and to demand the inclusion of LGBTQ+ in the U.S. Constitution.”

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