The Catholic Church has long made its case for using Christmas to celebrate the season.

But now it’s reaching a new milestone with a new book about the process.

In the book, published by the Catholic University of America Press, theologian Francisco Calvano talks with some of the leading experts on the process and its challenges.

The goal of the book is to help Catholics in a time of crisis better understand the power of a religion they love and a culture they cherish.

Calvano said he wants his book to help guide Catholics as they seek guidance on their own religious lives.

He said he wanted to help those who might be struggling with a difficult faith and how they can live a Christian life in a modern world.

The book was produced in partnership with the Pew Research Center, the Institute for Catholic Education, the Catholic Foundation for Religious and Civil Rights and the Catholic Conference of Canada.

It was written by the Vatican correspondent for the book and an assistant professor in the Vatican Center for Peace and Development.