Argentina is set to pay more than $3bn for the burial of more than 100 miners who went missing during an industrial accident in the northern state of Santa Cruz, officials said on Tuesday.

The mining accident happened in the Santa Cruz mining town of Maza, where a company called Amalgamated Mining Ltd.

was working when it went missing, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The mine had a crew of about 30, including about 60 miners, and was operating with two trucks and two trailers, it said.

It was in an area of the town where there are a lot of large underground pits and mines, it added.

Officials said the mining company was carrying out operations at a site at the same time, and that there was a fire that was causing the accident.

It was not immediately clear how the company ended up in the area, but the ministry said it had not yet been determined.

The company was one of several mining firms that had a long-running mining operation in Santa Cruz.

The state of Buenos Aires has been hit hard by a recession, and many miners are looking for work.

The Interior Ministry has launched a formal investigation into the incident.

The accident occurred about four months ago.