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Alternative Therapy

(वैकल्पिक चिकित्सा)


* The 'Back to Eden' Cookbook (Original Recipes and Nutritional Information in the imaginative use of Natural Foods) Jethro Kloss, Promise Kloss Moffett, Doris Kloss Gardiner 150
*Balanced Diet: Ayurvedic Balancing (An Integration of Western Fitness with Eastern Wellness) Joyce Bueker 225 *Bio-Etheric Healing: A Breakthrough in Alternative Therapies TrudyLanitis225 Breath of Life: Breathing for Health, Vitality and Meditation Dharmanand Safaswati 75 [1686-2]
*Breathe Free: Nutritional and Herbal Care for your Respiratory System Daniel Gagnon & Amadea Momingstar 225
*Buddha in the Waiting Room: Simple Truths about Health, Illness and Healing Paul Brenner 150
*Chakra Energy Massage: Spidtual Evolution into the Subconscious through activation of the Energypoints of the feet Marianne Uhl 150
*TheChakraHandbook: From Basic Und­erstanding to Practical Application Shalila Sharamon & Bodo Baginski 295 (C), 195(P) [1703-6J(C), [1935-1] (P)
*The Chinese Herbalist's Handbook: A Practitioner's Reference Guide to Traditional O1inese Herbsand Formulas Dagmar Ehling & Steve Swart 595
.*Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda Robert Svoboda & Arnie Lade, Foreword by Michael Tierra 295 [1472-1]
*The Chinese Way to Health Stephen Gascoigne 495
*The Chinese Way to Keep Fit: Traditional Chinese Movements for Health and Rejuvenation Jiawen Miao 275 *Complete Guide to Homeopathy lUan He Schmukler295
*The Complete Reiki Handbook: Basic Introduction and Methods of Natural Application (A Complete Guide for Reiki Practice) Walter Lubeck 85 [1557-5]
*A Concise Introduction to Indian Medicine (La Medecine indienne) Guy ly[awn, Tr. 'T.K Gopalan 395 [3058-5 ]
*Conquering Chronic Disease: Through Maharishi Vedic Medicine (The Complete Ayurvedic approach to treating chronic complaints without side effects) Kumuda REddy & Linda Egens 350
*Conscious Healing: Visualizations to Boost Your Immune System John SelbJ, with Manfred Von Luhmann 200
*Degrees of Reiki: A[alLTeen] KElly 195 [2066-1]
*Dictionary of Tibetan Materia Medica Comm. Pasang Yonten A1)'a, Tr. & Ed. Yonten (.qatso 395 [1567-4]
Diet and Nutrition (A Holistic Approach) Rudolph Ballentine 540
*Diet for Transcendence Steven Rosen 195
*Empowerment Through Reiki: The Path to Personal and Global Tmasf Oimation Paula Horan 195(C), 125(P) [1474­5](C), [1475-2J(P)
*EnergcticBodywork: Practical Techniques Rita] McNamara 150 [1832-3]
*Energetic Healing: Embracing the Life Force ,1rnie Lade 225
*Essential Ayurveda (What it is & What it can do for YOul) Shubbra Krishan 225
Essentials of Ayurveda: (Text & Tr. of Sodasangahrdayam) Priva Vrat Sharma 495 (C),350(P) [0978-9] (C),[1517­9](P)
*Eternal Health: The Essence of Ayurvcda PaT/ap Chauhan 295
Exercises for Joints & Glands: Simple Movements to Enhanceyourwell being As Tought by Suoami Rama 240
*FengShui for Relationship: The Yin &Yang of Love Shan-TullK-HIll195 *Feng Shui for Body): Balancing Body and Mind for Healthier Life Drl1lid Santos 300
*For a Blissful Baby: Healthy and Happy Pragnancy with Maharishi Vedic Medicine Kumuda Reddy & others 295
*Forever Healthy: Introduction to Maharishi Ayurveda Health Care Kllmuda REddy 195
*Freedom from Disease: How to Control Free Radicals, a m~or caJ!.se of Aging and Disease Han Shanna 350 Freedom From Stress (A HolisticApproach) Phil NlIernberger 300
*A Guide to Energy Based Healing: For Body Mind and Spirit Howard F. Batie 225
*Hand book of Arorna Therapy :A Complete guide to essential & Carrier oils, their application & therapeutic use for Holistic Health & Wellbeing Ravi Ratan 695 [3111-7)
*The Hayashi Reiki Manual: Traditional Japanese Healing Teachniques from the Founder of The \Vestem Rciki System Frank Arjava PetteT & Others 450
*Healing Breath Luis Vas 200
* The Healing Handbook: A Spiritual Guide to Healing Yourself and Others Tara Ward 395
*The Healing Power of Essential Oils:
Fragrance Secrctsfor Everyday use (This Handbook is a compact reference work on the effects and Applications of248 ~ssential oils for health, fitness and well being) Rodolplu! Balz 295 [1612-1]
*Healing with Form, Energy and Light Tmrin Wangyal RimlWCM 200
*Health From Nature: The Ultimate Guide to Physical and Mental WeU-beingJon Tillman & Others 295
*Health Through Balance: An Introduction to Tibetan Medicine Ye.shiDonden, Ed. & Tr.]efJrey Hopkifl-S 225 [1519-3)
*The Heart of Healing: Body, Mind and Spirit Caroline Latham 150
*History of Mental illness in India:A Cultural Psychiatry Retro~pective HoracioFabrega ]T. 1695 [3370-8]
HOMEOPATHY:A Comparative Materia Medica (2 Vols.) Santosh Kumar 795 (Set)
*Homeopathy:ForCommOll AilmentsRnbin HayJl/dd 395
* Homeopathy:TI1e Modt'm Prescriber: (A Practical Guide to Treatment) Henrietta Wel1.s 225
*How the Weather effects your Health Manfred Kaiser 195
*How to Master Change in Your Life: Sixty ­Seven Ways to Handle Life's Toughest Moments Mary CarroU Moore 395 *Human Health: A Natural Way Jonathan Keyes 295
*Hypnosis for Change Josie Hadley & Carol Staudacher 300
*Indian Alchemy or Rasayana: In the light of AsceticLsm and Geriatrics S.MahdiJio:ssan 250(C), 125(P) [0788-4](C) [1881-1](P)
*The Jungle and the Aroma of Meats: An Ecological Theme in Hindu Medicine Francis Zimmermann (F/C) [1618-3]
*'The Lost Secrets of Ayurvedic Acupuncture:
An Ayurvedic Guide to Acupuncture (Based upon the Suchiveda ~cience of Acupuncture, the Traditional Indian system) Frank Rns 175 [2697-7]
*Love Your Eyes: Enjoy Better Vision by YogaandAltemative NaturalTreatrnent M.S. Agarwal, Foreword by Swami ChidanJlnd Saraswati 195
*Luminous Essence: Exploring the Body Consciousness Daniel Santos 195
*TheMadhavanidana (with 'Madhukosa' the commentary by Vijayaraksita and Srikanthadatta) (chapter 1-10) GJ. A{ffi~Ui495 [333~2]
*Tbe Magical Power of Herbs : An Encyclopedia (Over 400 herbs described) Scott Cunningham U jP
*TheMagicalPowerofPendulum:Focusing Your Energy for self Improvement & Psychic Development Richard Webster ~95
*Magnetic Healing: Advanced Techniques for the application of Magnetic Forces Buryl PayTU! 225
*Mastering Health: TheA to Z of Chi Kung Scott Shaw 195
*Mathematics andMedicine in Sanskrit Ed. Dominik Wujastyk 600 [324&-6]
*Medicine and Life Sciences in India (Vol. IV, Pt. 2ofPIDSPC) Ed. B. V. Subbarayappa 1650
* The Medicine Buddha: A Himalayan Journey David Crow 325
Medicine in India: Modem Period (V 01. IX, Pt. I of PIDSPC) O.P. jaggi 1250
Medicine in the Veda: Religious Healingin the Veda (With Translations and Annotations of Medical Hymns from the Rgveda & the Atharvaveda & Render.ngs from the Corresponding Ritual Texts) Krnneth G. Zysk 795 (C), 495 (P), [1400-4](C), []401-1](P)
*Meditative Therapy: Facilitating inner­. Directed Healing Michael L. Emmons & jannetEmmons225
*The Middle Path of Tai Chi Peter Newton 195
*Namarupajnanam (Characterization of Medicinal Plants Based on Etymological Derivation of Names and Synonyms) (A Studyon 150Plants) Prrya VrotSha7700250
*Natural Birth Control Made Simple BarlJara }(ass Annese & Hal C. Danzer 195
*Natural Healthcare at Home: Doctor Mum's Quick Reference Guide Kathy Duerr 125
*The Nature of the Whole: Holism in Ancient Greek and Indian Medicine VickiPitman 495 [2734-9)
*The Nepal Cook book illus. Padden Owedak Oshoe ISO
*Neti: Healing Secrets of Yoga and Ayurveda David Frawley 150 *NewAgeEncyclopedia (AMindBodySpirit Reference Guide) Belind4 'Whitworth 325
*The Original Reiki Hand book of Dr. Mikao Usui: 11.1e Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho Treatment Positions and Numerous
*Reiki Techniques for Health and Well­Being Mikao Usui&FrankArjavaPetter, Tr. ChristiTU! M. Grimm 295
*The Origin of the Life of a Human Being:
Conception and the Female According to Ancient Indian Medical and Sexological Literature Rahul Peter Das ]250 [1998-6)
*Padma: The Jewel of Tibetan Remedies GalnVle Feyerer, Tr. Christine M. Grimm . 150
*The Path of Practice: TheAyurvedic Book of Healing with Food, Breath and Sound Maya Tiwa1i 350(C), 195(1') [J857­6] (C), [1858-3] (1')
*Pendulum Healing Handbook: Com plcte Guide Bookon How to use the Pendullilll Hi1lln Lubeck 200
*Planetary Herbology: An Integration of Western Herbs into the TraditionaJ Qlinese andAyurvedic System Michael T=.Ed.DavidFrawley295 [1616-9)
*Plant lives: Borderline Beings in Indian Traditions Elliwn Bank5 Findl) 1095 [3292-3]
*Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica: Comprising the Characteristic and Guiding Symptoms of all Remedies (Qinical and Pathogenetic) WiUiam Bot-ritk 295 [1123-2)
*Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Victim's Guide to Healing<u:1d Recovery Raymond B. Flannery 225
* Practical Chinese Medicine PenelopeOdy 595 APractical Guid~ to Holistic Health Swami Rama 240
* Prakruti: Your Ayurvedic Constitution Robert E. Svaboda 175 [1840-8]
Quantam Touch: The Power to Heal Richard Gordon 395
Radionics & Radiesthesia: A Guide to 'Working with Energy Pattems fane E. Hartman 175
*Rainbow Reiki: Expanding the Reiki System with Powerful Spiritual Abilities Waller Lubeck 85 [1555-1]
* Tbe Reflexology Manual: An easy to use guide to treating the body through the feet and hands Pauline Will5 695
*Reiki Best Practices (Wonderful Tools of Healing for the First, Second & Third Reiki Degree) Walter Lubeck & Frank ArjavaPetter, Tr. C.hristineM. Grimm 195
*Reiki Fire: New Information about the origins of the Reiki Power (A Complete Manual) FrankArjavaPetter85 [1556-8]
* Reiki: The LegacyofDr. UsuiFrankArjava Petter 200
*Reiki: Way of the Heart (The Reiki Path of Initiation, A wonderful Method for Inner Development and Holistic Healing) Wa/terLubeck(FjC) [1621-3]
*Reiki Guide: Usui Tibetan & Modem Techniques Santash Modi 195
*The Reiki Sourcebook Bronwen & Frans Stiene 295
Reikiwith Gemstones: Activating YourSelf Healing Powers Connecting the Universal Life-Force Energy with Gemstone Therapy Ursttla KlingerOmenM 14O(C) , 85(P) [1619-0](C), [1764-7](P)
* Religious Therapeutics: Bodyand Health in Yoga, Ayurvedaand Tantra GregrnyP. Fields 195 [1875-0]
*The Secret of Loving Touch: For Health, Happiness and Beauty Franz.BenediJder, Tr. into Eng. ChristineM. Grimm 150
*Secrets of the Pulse: The Ancient Art of Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis VasantD. Lad 295 [2026-5]
*Singing Bowl Exercises for Personal Harmony AnnekeHuyser 175
Spiritual Beauty Care: Techniques and Practices to Enhance your inner and outer Beauty faClJueline Sinnige, Tr. Martine] Koeman 175 [1758-6]
*Spiritual Healing: Doctor's Examine Therapeutic Touch and other Holistic Treatments Comp. DoraKunz 250
*Studies on Indian Medical History G. fan Meulenbe/d & Dominik Wujastyk 325 [1768-5]
*Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses (Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda) David Frawl..ry 225 [1357-1]
*Taoist Bedroom Secrets: Tao Chi Kung:
Sexual-Therapeutic Exercises for Enjoyment, Health, and Rejuvenation Chian Zettnersan 275
*TappingYour InnerStrength:Howto Find the Resilience to Deal with Anything Edith Henderson Grothberg 250
*Thai Massage Manual: A Step by Step Guide to Traditional Healing Techniques Maria Mercati 695




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