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How to identify the most religious states in the US

The US has the fifth-highest number of religious adherents per capita in the world, and the state of Texas is the seventh-highest, according to a new report.Texas ranks first, with 5.7 religious adherents for every 100,000 residents.New Mexico, which had a score of 1.5, is second, with 4.5.Louisiana, which ranked first with 1.4, is third […]

New religious statues in U.S. celebrate holiday

NEW YORK (Reuters) – New religious icons in the United States celebrate Christmas, thanksgiving and Easter, a move that reflects a growing religious and secular divide that has become more stark in the last decade.The New York State Assembly on Monday voted unanimously to create the first New York City-style Christmas Tree at the Statehouse, […]

How to get a tattoo of Jesus

A tattoo of a symbol of Christianity is gaining popularity among people in the United States.The symbol is known as the Cross.It was popularized by a series of tattoo parlors in the 1950s, but has since grown in popularity in the US.The tattoo business has become so popular that a tattoo artist is now getting […]

How the new Trump prayer is a sign of hope for Christians

Christians are mourning the death of one of the nation’s leading religious figures.Reverend Al Sharpton, the father of Rev. Jesse Jackson, died on Christmas Day at the age of 78.A memorial service is scheduled for 6 p.m. at the Episcopal Cathedral in New York City.Sharpton’s funeral will be broadcast live on CBS.Sharptons son, Jonathan, will […]

When did the name ‘Allah’ begin?

Muslim countries across the world are beginning to officially recognise their own ‘Allah’, the creator of the universe and the one God.But the term has become an increasingly controversial subject in Muslim countries.The Arabic word for ‘Allah’: ‘al-harb’.The term is derived from the Arabic word “al-dubait”, meaning “God” or “the Creator”.A similar term for the […]

How to avoid the Easter bunny scare

The U.S. is celebrating its 150th birthday this year, but as it turns out, a lot of Easter-themed things aren’t religious.The most recent Easter bunny to hit the streets of cities all across the country has been spotted on the streets near you.“There’s a lot more people out there who love to celebrate the holidays […]

What are the religious denominations in Australia?

Australia is the world’s largest Christian country, but there are also some other denominations as well, with a few notable exceptions.Religious groups have existed for some time in Australia, but the first formal religious organisations emerged around the mid-19th century.They are now widely recognised in Australia as well as overseas.Religion is the main subject of […]


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