Month: June 2021

How to save a religious song from a bad Easter gif

Here are some ways to get your religious song out of a bad gif.1.Make sure your gif is properly formatted.Don’t use gif.js or other JavaScript libraries to format your gif.In fact, avoid the use of any of the fancy gif functions that you might use for the sake of simplicity.Don.t use the GIF encoding algorithm […]

Religious discrimination is legal in Alabama

Religious discrimination, often referred to as religious intolerance, is legal across the United States and can be prosecuted under state law.According to the U.S. Department of Justice, religious exemptions to a state’s nondiscrimination laws, which are known as exemptions, are not required for businesses to provide a service or provide goods or services that they […]

How to honor your dad’s birthday

The religious holiday of Father’s Day is being celebrated around the world, but how many people in your family celebrate the holiday?As a Christian, the question has always been a difficult one to answer.There is no official census, but a few studies indicate that the number of people in a given country who celebrate Father’s […]

Pope Francis: ‘I am not a believer’

Pope Francis is known for being outspoken and a strong advocate for social justice.So, it’s no surprise that the pope was quick to criticize anti-LGBT bigotry during a recent visit to Argentina.Speaking in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, on Thursday, the pope said he was “not a believer” in the so-called “religious extremism” that was being […]

Christmas in China is all about religious art and flowers: The Telegraph

In Beijing, Chinese people spend their holidays with a wide variety of cultural symbols, including religious statues, religious gardens, and traditional Chinese songs and poems.But this year, Christmas has become a huge commercial opportunity.The country’s Communist Party has invested heavily in Christmas decorations and decorations for religious holidays.The National Tourism Administration has said that a […]

Why are religious people so intolerant?

The word ‘religious’ is often used to describe any religion that practises some form of belief in the existence of a God, a transcendent and unknowable source of truth.But this definition does not describe the kind of people who feel that way.In India, there are many different sects of Hinduism, each with their own distinct […]


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