It’s been a historic decade for Italian football.

The last time it went to a second round, in the 2010 World Cup, the nation had beaten England in the final and lost a third of its population.

The current campaign has been a bit different.

Italy is back on top of the table and the Italian fans are celebrating their countrymen.

In the last few weeks, though, the country has been knocked out of the World Cup by England, beaten by Germany, drawn against Germany again and defeated by Sweden.

That’s been an astonishing turnaround.

Since the last time Italy won the World Championships in 2005, the team has been eliminated in every round.

The past 10 years has been nothing short of a miracle, a truly historic event in the history of Italian football, a country that is now on the brink of being the world’s second-largest economy.

So, what changed?

The Italian football federation and the national team’s owners have both been hit by the financial crisis.

And that’s just the beginning.

The governing body of Italian soccer, AS Roma, was the first major Italian club to declare bankruptcy last year.

The owners of the national soccer team, the Bianconeri, have also been hit hard by the crisis, and it’s likely that their owners will be hit even harder.

At the same time, the governing body has not been able to provide the fans with enough financial support, with the team being only around £60 million in debt.

The financial problems are not only financial, but also structural, as the Biancocelesti have been unable to raise money from ticket sales, sponsorships, TV rights and sponsorships with their owners for at least the past year.

What has gone wrong?

The Bianconeroi have faced financial difficulties for years.

The owner of AS Roma’s club, Piero Ausilio, has been the main culprit, taking out huge loans to make his club the most expensive in the world.

The club was also forced to close in 2014 because of the financial difficulties, but this time, things have been much worse.

In 2015, the club had to make a €1.3 billion sale to the owners of Parma, the owner of AC Milan.

The sale did not go through, and Ausilios financial problems worsened, so in December 2016, he announced that he would leave AS Roma.

His replacement, Antonio Conte, took over the team a few months later.

A month later, the new president of the club, Angelo Ogbonna, said he would help the club survive the financial problems.

In January 2017, the owners announced that they would have to sell the team, which had only been bought in 2011 for €3.2 million.

The Biancoelesti are in the process of selling the stadium that they have been playing in for almost a decade.

At this point, they are already considering selling the club to a private investor, who will take over the stadium.

And the Biancolesti face other problems.

The football association, AS Lazio, recently announced that it would not be paying wages to the club’s directors and executives for at most two years.

And in the end, the sale of the stadium was rejected by AS Lazia, as was the sale to Juventus, which was a long-standing proposal.

What’s next?

The Serie A and Serie B titles have not been secured by the Biancones, who are the third-highest-placed team in the country behind the leaders Juventus and AC Milan and they are facing a difficult season.

But the Biancos do have a chance to qualify for the Champions League, which is a semi-finals-style competition where the top four teams play in a final.

The Juventus-AS Lazio game was a resounding success, with Juventus leading 1-0, and Juventus took the lead thanks to a wonderful goal from Luca Toni.

It was the last game of the season for Lazio and the Bianca fans have already started to feel that the Biancas will not be relegated this season.

There is also a chance that the team could return to Serie B this year, but the Biancia are not sure if they can qualify for this competition.

The next two games are crucial, as Lazio play against Bologna and Juventus face Udinese.

Lazio could win both of those games, but Udinese have a better chance of finishing in third place.

What should the Biancanias do now?

In the past, the future of the Bianccos was decided by a vote of the fans, with some fans even voting for the club themselves.

That is not the case anymore, and the club is facing financial difficulties.

That will change, but it will take time.

At first, the fans will not like what they are seeing.

In a situation like this, they will be more supportive, but eventually, they can only support the team in order